Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cupcakes now being sold...


We are very excited to announce that Baby Cakes cupcakes are now being sold at the very cute, very stylish, All Tucked In. This is perfect for those of you who want just 1 or 2 cupcakes. Go ahead and check out this awesome shop, and buy a cupcake for yourself while your at it. You deserve it!

All Tucked In
115 S. Main Street
Bountiful, UT


  1. That's right by where I work! I'll have to stop in and try one of these infamous baby cakes!

  2. I love these cupcakes! We ate the left over ones from the shower- this morning for breakfast! :) SO GOOD!

  3. Help..No address, no phone number. How do we contact you ? Are they only available through All Tucked In.?
    Thank you,
    Kay Hall

  4. OH my. I had the pumpkin chocolate chip one this morning at All Tucked In.... I wanted to call everyone I knew and tell them to go in the shop, JUST for the cupcakes. (Though of course they have wonderful things at the store, as well.) It was AMAZING! Seriously I can't say enough -- moist, yummy frosting, great pumpkin flavor --- just perfect! Thank you!