Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Welcome to the old but new Baby Cakes site! My name is Jen. I have been making cupcakes for over five years now. Cupcakes and life got really crazy the past few years and I have really slacked on updating this blog. I am back and I  promise to be better at adding photo's and updates!

Thanks for taking an interest in my cupcakes! I promise you won't find a better cupcake out there!! I love all my customers and there is a reason they continue to order time and time again. You will not be disappointed. That's my promise!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Coconut Cream
DSC_1289 copy copy
Lucious Lemon
DSC_1150 copy copy
Carrot Cake
DSC_1209 copy copy
Simply Sweet
DSC_1407 copy copy
Pina Colada
DSC_1363 copy copy
Red Velvet
DSC_1194 copy copy
Key Lime
DSC_1154 copy copy
Cookies and Cream
DSC_1255 copy copy

DSC_1551 copy copy

DSC_1450 copy copy